12 Month Warranty Inspections

5 Things to Know About 12-Month Home Warranty Inspections

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Have you been told recently that your new home has a 12-month warranty? Let the experts at MultiPoint Home Inspections help clear up any confusion about your 12-month warranty inspection. Here are some things you should know about this type of inspection:

  • You’re eligible for a 12-month warranty if you bought a newly constructed home. 
  • As the name suggests, you have 12 months after purchasing your new house to get it inspected. 
  • You’ve already paid for the repairs. The cost of post-sale repairs is factored into the price of your new home, so anything your inspector finds will be fixed free of charge. 
  • Many problems that homeowners find after decades were present the day they moved in. Catch problems early to avoid paying for costly repairs down the line. 
  • The seasons matter. The weather can point out issues that weren’t present the day you moved in, so it’s important to see how your house reacts to extreme heat and cold in the first year you own it. 

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Once you complete your 12-month warranty inspection, it will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. We’ll check that everything in your Allen, TX home was built perfectly. If it wasn’t, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to bring it up to your standards. Call 469-344-5688 to schedule your inspection.

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